Tips to Increase Your Child’s Concentration

Are you struggling to get your child to concentrate on any activity and feel that your child is not able to concentrate on studies? Do they get distracted easily? Then this blog can be really helpful to you.

It is really difficult to focus for most children, they are not able to concentrate for more than a few moments on any task and that’s quite natural due to their curiosity, exuberance and energy. However, concentration is really important for them and is an essential key for the completion of any task.

The part of the brain that is responsible for concentration and memory is the frontal lobe of our brain it is also responsible for thinking, reasoning, managing emotions, problem solving and decision-making. So you can help your child increase his or her concentration by practicing some cognitive exercises regularly, which can modify the existing brain cells. These ways will teach the little one certain habits and rules that would make it easier to focus and be less restless while doing homework or carrying out tasks, as these exercises have more to do with the mechanism of how one learns, remembers things, solves the problem and pays attention. Before we begin with figuring out on the tips to increase the concentration, let’s delve into the common reasons why a child looses focus. Here are some:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Distractions
  • Being overactive
  • Not Interested
  • Academic struggle

Here are some Tips to Increase Your Kids Concentration:

Memory Games:

There are a number of memory games that can be played with your child as part of their cognitive exercises. Here’s how you can carry it out:

  • You need to arrange about 10 of the toys or any household things in a line in a particular order.
  • Let your child observe this for a couple of minutes.
  • Through this your child may form mental imagery or use a mnemonics or any other way to remember the order.
  • Now shuffle the order of all the things and ask your child to arrange the toys in the same order.

Take away distractions

When there are too many things in the room that can disturb your child then focusing becomes all the more difficult. Being bundled with surplus energies makes it all the more harder for them to stay focused and concentrate on one thing. It is important that you make the child sit in a room that has no distractions like television, gadget or anything that can interfere. This will help the child to focus and he/she will be able to put all their attention into one thing.

Get them to meditate

Getting a child to sit still, with eyes closed for long is perhaps not the easiest task in fact it is a really difficult task to carry out. This activity requires a lot of patience on your part as well. Keeping that in mind, one has to realize that mediation is beneficial for the overall mental health of the young one and will not just help them in their ability to focus but it will also be of great use in beating stress and negativity later in life.

The above-mentioned tips on how to increase  children’s concentration may work for some and may not work for others. You should consider giving a range of approaches a try. This will help you understand what works best for your child and even if these tips don’t work, they won’t reduce concentration or cause harm. Keep him/her motivated through appreciation and this will help him/her to do well. Research has shown that fun, lively and positive atmosphere has numerous lifelong benefits and directly impact various aspects of cognitive development including executive functioning skills. Being amongst the best play school in Gurgaon, TSEY offers an environment that encourages and motivates the child to pay attention to the task at hand.