Shri Differentiators

Wonder Time

This is an activity that encourages young inquisitive minds to experience, observe and question simple experiments. It is experiential and leads children towards the thrill of discovery.

Circle Time

This is a special bonding time that develops in children the confidence to express their opinion in front of familiar people the ability to listen to others thoughts and opinions, without interrupting, to understand the concept of ‘taking turns’ and to wait patiently for their chance to speak, a sense of Team Work and respect for everyone.

Share and Tell

This activity enhances the communication skills and builds confidence in the children to speak in front of an audience. It also gives them a chance to share with others and make more friends.

Safe and secure Environment

In keeping with our philosophy of providing a safe and secure environment for our children, the school has installed CCTVs in all common areas and classrooms. Two full time nurses are part of the team at TSEY and minor accidents or ailments are dealt with immediately. All our cabs are GPRS enabled and are monitored closely by our administrators. Parents can also have access to the tracking of the cab in which their child id traveling. Further, even the cabs have CCTV cameras installed in them and are monitored closely by the admin.

Free Play

This activity fosters creativity and imagination in children. It provides a space and opportunity for them to Role Play the models they see around them. It is also an activity that develops simple Life Skills.

Music and Movement

Far from being just an activity on the time table, Music and Movement is an integral part of the curriculum at TSEY. It enables children to enjoy rhythm and melody and provides them with an opportunity for free expression.

Pre-School Important Dates 2017-18

We shall inform you in case there is a change in the dates mentioned below.

NIWD( professional Development)

3 April ,Monday 2017


5 April, Wednesday 2017


06 April, Thursday 2017

Parent Orientation

07 April, Friday 2017

First Working Day BK

10 April, Monday 2017

First Working Day NK

11 April, Tuesday 2017

Earth Day(Tree Plantation Day)

22 April, Saturday 2017

Labour Day

1 May, Monday 2017

Last Working Day

5 May,Friday 2017


08 May, Monday 2017

Summer Camp

9 May, Tuesday to 2 June, Friday 2017

Summer Break

08 May 2017 Monday 2017 to 4 July 2017 Tuesday (both days inclusive)

NIWD for Professional Development Gloria

03 July ,Monday 2017


04 July, Tuesday 2017

School reopens

5 July, Wednesday 2017

Founders Day

7 July. Friday 2017

Parent Interface

28 July, Friday 2017

Parent Interface

31 July, Monday 2017

Coffee Morning

10 August, Thursday 2017

Coffee Morning

11 August, Monday 2017

Flavours Of India

14 August, Monday 2017

Grandparents Day – BK

30 August, Wednesday 2017

Grandparents Day – NK

31 August, Thursday 2017

Hindi Divas 9 in lieu of 14 September

13 September, Wednesday 2017


14 September, Thursday 2017

Open Day

15 September, Friday 2017

Daddy Comes To School NK

21 September, Thursday 2017

Daddy Comes To School BK

22 September, Friday 2017

Dussehra Break

Dussehra Break 25 September, Monday to 02 October, Monday 2017 (both days inclusive)

First Working Day for students

3 October, Tuesday 2017

Outdoor Trip NKs

06 October, Friday 2017

Outdoor Trip NKs

09 October, Monday 2017

Outdoor Trip BKs

10 October,Tuesday 2017

Outdoor Trip BKs

11 October, Wednesday 2017

Diwali Break

16 October,Monday 2017 to 20 October, Friday 2017(both days inclusive)

First Working Day after Diwali Break

23 October, Monday 2017

Parent Interface for BK

08 November Wednesday 2107

Parent Interface fro NK

09 November Thursday 2017

Childrens Day Celebration

14 November, Tuesday 2017

Run For Fun

17 November, Friday 2017

Open Day

22 December, Friday 2017

Winter Break

25 December, Friday to 5 January, Friday 2018 (both days included)

NIWD for Professional Development

08 January, Monday 2018

NIWD for Professional Developement

09 January, Tuesday 2018

School reopens

10 January, Wednesday 2018

Mad About series

20 January, Saturday 2018

Class Photographs

05 February, Monday 2018

Special Morning

23 Februray, Friday 2018

Outdoor Trip BK

01 March, Thursday 2018

Outdoor Trip BK

05 March, Monday 2018

Outdoor Trip NK

06 March, Tuesday 2018

Outdoor Trip NK

07 March, Wednesday 2018

Graduation Day

09 March, Friday 2018

Last Working Day for children

14 March, Wednesday 2018


15 March, Thursday 2018

Open Day

16 March, Friday 2018

NIWD - Professional Development

19 March, Monday 2018

NIWD - Professional Development

NIWD - Professional Development

Spring Break

15 March, Thursday to 30 March Friday 2018 (both days inclusive)

NIWD - Preparation for New Sessions

02 April, Monday 2018

NIWD - Preparation for New Sessions

03 April, Tuesday 2018

NIWD - Preparation for New Sessions

04 April, Wednesday 2018

Parent Orientation

05 April, Thursday 2018

First Working Day for BK Children

06 April, Friday 2018

First Working Day for NK Children

09 April, Monday 2018

Please note that NIWDs are Non Instructional Working Days for Teachers.

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