Shri Differentiators

Wonder Time

This is an activity that encourages young inquisitive minds to experience, observe and question simple experiments. It is experiential and leads children towards the thrill of discovery.

Circle Time

This is a special bonding time that develops in children the confidence to express their opinion in front of familiar people the ability to listen to others thoughts and opinions, without interrupting, to understand the concept of ‘taking turns’ and to wait patiently for their chance to speak, a sense of Team Work and respect for everyone.

Share and Tell

This activity enhances the communication skills and builds confidence in the children to speak in front of an audience. It also gives them a chance to share with others and make more friends.

Safe and secure Environment

In keeping with our philosophy of providing a safe and secure environment for our children, the school has installed CCTVs in all common areas and classrooms. Two full time nurses are part of the team at TSEY and minor accidents or ailments are dealt with immediately. All our cabs are GPRS enabled and are monitored closely by our administrators. Parents can also have access to the tracking of the cab in which their child id traveling. Further, even the cabs have CCTV cameras installed in them and are monitored closely by the admin.

Free Play

This activity fosters creativity and imagination in children. It provides a space and opportunity for them to Role Play the models they see around them. It is also an activity that develops simple Life Skills.

Music and Movement

Far from being just an activity on the time table, Music and Movement is an integral part of the curriculum at TSEY. It enables children to enjoy rhythm and melody and provides them with an opportunity for free expression.

1. How are your classes typically structured?
Ans. We have two programmes in our Pre-school.
Nanhe Kadam which is a play group programme and Badhte Kadam which is a pre-nursery programme.
Our curriculum is an amalgamation of the best methodologies around the world which include elements of Montessori, Jodo Gyan, Multiple Intelligences, BALA, Playway and the Regio Amelia approach.

2. What skill development can we expect from online classes?
Ans. The activities are designed in such a way that there is conscious focus on the development of various skills such as Language, Social, Emotional, Critical and Creative Thinking, Fine and Gross Motor skills.

3. My child refuses to sit infront of the computer/laptop screen for long and losses interest, how will the teachers handle that?
Ans. During this pandemic, we have to accept this as new normal and have to continue with our endeavour to ensure that our children’s learning does not come to a standstill. Our programme is structured in such a way that the child does have to focus on the screen. With your support and coorperation, the child will be able to complete the activities. Our teachers help you by reaching out to the child to ensure that he/she is focusing on the online transaction. Also, we would be sharing the recorded videos of all the sessions for your reference, so that even if your child misses out attending any live class, he/she can watch it later.

4. Both parents are working and will not be able to attend the classes, are there evening slots available?
Ans. Keeping the current scenario in mind we have different slots available to help our parents. As per your convenience, you can either opt for a morning slot or an evening slot.

5. How will the connect happen for such small children in online classes?
Ans. We have small batches keeping in mind the age of the child. In each class, we have two teachers and the activities designed are very interactive and engaging. With individual attention to each child we will make sure that slowly and gradually the child willget more interested and engaged, eagerly looking forward to be a part of the programme.

6. Will my child be given with any certificate? If my child is student of TSEY still he/she gets the Certificate?
Ans. Yes, on the basis of tenure the certificate for attending the online programme will be awarded to the child.
No, normal process of progress report and PTM will be followed for Children enrolled with TSEY.

7. How will we manage the resources required for the classes?
Ans. Activities are structured in such a way that the resources required will be very generic and will be easily available at home. Additionally, the material required for each class will be shared with the parent much in advance.

8. I do not want to give my child too much of screen time.
Ans. As mentioned above, our activities are designed in such a way that the child is not required to be infront of the screen for a long time, with the help and support of the parents and our facilitators the child can complete the activities at his/her own pace. For a one-hour session we have a half an hour break to make sure that the child is not on screen for long.In addition, we share the recorded videos of all the sessions for your future reference.

9. Why should we join online classes for pre-school? Or Why is sending the child to pre school important?
Ans. Pre-school education is important for a child because it is more than just preparation for primary school. It aims at the holistic development of a child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.Young children are naturally observant and curious,a pre school offers a wide variety of games and activities that will help them acquire necessary academic and social skills.

10. What are the product varieties?
Ans. Currently there are two options available.

  • Full time admission in The Shri Ram Early Years, Gurugram and securing a seat for your child, so that whenever the school reopens, the child can join the school as a regular TSEY student.
  • Enrolling you child for our online programme where no guarantee would be given in terms of regular seat availability when the pre school reopens. Fee is payable on monthlyor

11. How can I pay for the online classes?
Ans. As of now we only have NetBanking transfer facility(NEFT),once you confirm that you would like to go ahead with the classes, we will share the bank details with you via email.

12. What is the withdrawal/cancellation policy?
Ans. We would require a month’s advance notice before the discontinuation of the online classes.

13. If I join in the middle of the month, will I be required to pay the entire months fee?
Ans. The fee will be on pro-rated basis, it will be calculated from the time the child starts the online classes to the end of the month

14. I would like to have a trial classes before my child joins will it be possible?
Ans. Yes 2 trial classes will be offered before the child joins the online classes.

15. How are the classes conducted and on which platform?
Ans. The classes are conducted live through Zoom, the meeting IDs and passwords for the same will be sent to you through an email.

16. How will I be communicated about the classes so I can join?
Ans. Once the payment is made, the links for the entire week will be sent through an email along with the monthly grid and material required for all the classes.

17. Is there any sibling or twin discount offered?
Ans. Sorry, there is no sibling or twin discount offered at the moment.

18. What happens if parents does not pay Apr’20 – jun’20 quarter fee? Can he/she still enroll in the programme?
Ans. If parent has not paid Apr’20 – jun’20 fee and still wants his/her child to be part of the programme than they have to first clear the previous dues and then can they continue with the online programme starting from july’20. Once the school re-open the child will start coming to school physically.
If parent does not intent to pay Apr’20 – Jun’20 quaterly fee and still wants his/her child be part of the online programme than the process of withdrawal has to followed and parent by paying online class fee can enroll his/her child for online classes. Once the school re-opens, parents must re-admit the child to TSEY in order to resume the school.

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