TSWY Franchise (Preschool/ playschool)

The Shri Ram Early Years is a Pre-school where learning is informal. Children are encouraged to explore the environment through the senses. The Pre schools aim at fostering ‘people’ who are confident, responsible and have a positive approach to learning. The pedagogy ensures that children develop their own personality within the framework of school format and prepares them for formal schools. The learning here is informal, exploratory and experiential. The three-way partnership; the parent, the teacher and the environment promises holistic and systematic cognitive development of children. We welcome an opportunity to partner with you to set up a quality pre school at your locality. We are in quest of passionate entrepreneurs who wish to serve education industry and shape the future of the country. The Shri Ram Wonder Years (TSWY) is a great opportunity for those, looking for preschool franchise in India in their budget.

Advantages of The Shri Ram Wonder Years franchise:

  1. Enriched Curriculum specially developed to cater to multiple intelligence of children
  2. Highly qualified management team with years of experience in the industry
  3. Intensive involvement and engaging workshops and training support
  4. Periodic visits and observations to help facilitate the smooth and efficient management
  5. Strong bond with the parent community to help better brand image and goodwill

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